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Orange Segments with Zabaglione







Warm weather leads cooks to think of fruit as a dessert. But while spring may be here, ripe local fruit won't be until well into summer. Oranges are here, though. And topping beautifully cut orange segments with zabaglione creates a perfect ending for even the most elegant dinner party.

One good sized orange per person should suffice. (But cut up one or two extra just in case.) Remember that smaller portions are more appealing visually, and just plain healthier.

Selecting the right orange is important. Navel oranges yield good sized segments without seeds. Select the juiciest by comparing weights of individual oranges of similar size. The heavier oranges are the juicier ones.

Directions: Cut the top and bottom from an orange with a sharp serrated knife. Slice off remaining peel from top to bottom, removing all of the white pithy part while leaving as much of the flesh as possible. Remove segments by cutting as close as possible to the membrane separating them. This step can be done the day before. Store segments in a covered bowl, in the refrigerator. Take them out an hour before serving, to take the chill off.

Zabaglione Ingredients

Egg Yolks -- 6 ea.
Sugar -- 1/2 cup.
Sweet White Wine -- 1/2 cup.
Salt -- 1/4 tsp.
Grand Marnier (optional) -- 2 tbs added to the finished zabaglione.

Zabaglione Directions: Whisk egg yolks in bowl with salt. Slowly add sugar while continuing to whisk. Whisk until pale and thick. The mixture will form a ribbon when falling from the whisk. Add wine to egg mixture in a slow, steady stream, whisking until fully incorporated. Place bowl over saucepan containing 2 inches of simmering water. Whisk continually until mixture thickens and triples in volume. (It should be just hot enough NOT to be comfortable to your finger. Overcooking the mixture will result in scrambled eggs.) Remove bowl from pan and set aside, allowing mixture to cool slightly. Put orange segments into glass dessert dishes. Spoon zabaglione over fruit and serve.


Tools: Balloon whisk, copper bowl, saucepan that will accommodate copper bowl. (All available at NPKG.)

Makes enough for 10 small dishes of fruit.

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